Astrology does not claim to be the answer to everything but it can provide striking insights and clues to many of your unanswered queries in life.

Astrology can be used to understand a person's fate, his personality, successes and failures and to forecast how someone will feel or behave over a period of time. It can even be used to plan the best time to do various things.Welcome on board the online Astrology & Horoscope website.

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Astrology Services (paid)    

Personal Life's Unanswered Questions
Predictions on personal Career/ Job, Health, Marriage, Romance, children & more.Ask A Question to our Astrologer.

Compatibility Report
An astrological insight into personal relationships with your friend, lover, companion, partner.
Vastu remedies & Consultation
Helping you to dwell in peaceful & happy homes.We undertake Vastu consultations for both new buildings as well for exisiting ones employing the world-renowned Vastu Shastra principles.
Child /Baby Name Suggestion
Get a lucky baby name recommended by our Nameology Expert for your new-born.                                                                     ArrowBaby Names Dictionary

Horoscope Matching /Match Making
Using Vedic Indian principles, find out whether your partner matches you in terms of horoscopic rules.

Nameology/Numerology -lucky name
Your name can alter your future and life. Check with our experts for your lucky name. We even suggest business names, domain names for celebrities.

BirthStone/Luckystone Determination
Birthstones and luckystones are gems that increase the psychic powers of an individual, in addition to warding off the ill-effects of planets, by their curative powers.
We interpret your dreams
All those dreamers out there. You can have your dreams interpreted by our experienced modern-day Daniels.ArrowDreams Dictionary

Palm Reading / Palmistry
Palmistry is the only authentic science which reveals ones complete past and present. The palm of a person has the whole future imprinted on.

Nadi Astrology reading
In Nadi, the past and future of each human being in the Universe is recorded on palm leaves in an ancient script You can find interesting facts about you by using our Nadi service.
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